Austere Decadence, Darling! (2015-2018)


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Unless noted otherwise, the 35 photos in this series were made in Barcelona between 2015-2018, and were mostly shot on my phone, some having been published before, some not. 

Austere Decadence, Darling! is available for purchase as a limited edition box set of 35 individual 5in X 7in or (13cm X 18cm) prints. I'm printing 15 boxes total. I'll sell 14 boxes and save 1 box for myself. Each box is priced at the austerily low price of 75€, Darling!  

Printed Photography Is Dead! Long Live Printed Photography!  These museum postured and printed with prestige matte finished prints are signed, dated, and kissed on the back with my wine-red-juicy-lips and are packaged with all the love, all the sound, and all the fury I have within me.

Printed and shipped from Barcelona, it will take about 10 business days to arrive in the mail.
Shipping + Tax are included in the price. 

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