Ryan En Vol, Brooklyn, NY, 2008

Ryan En Vol, Brooklyn, NY, 2008


Print Size: 12in WIDE X 8in TALL (30cm WIDE X 20cm TALL)


Print Characteristics

Title: Ryan En Vol, Brooklyn, NY, 2008

Paper Type: 
Fuji Professional Lustre Paper

Shipping & Handling:
The costs for shipping and handling are included in the price of the print. I print on Mondays and I ship immediately after that from Barcelona, Spain. After printing is complete, it should take no more than 4 business days to receive within Spain, no more than 7 business days to receive within Europe, and no more than 10 business days to receive throughout the rest of the world.

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All prints are signed and dated on the back, and include a signed and dated certificate of authenticity.

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Additional Sizes: 
If you're interested in commissioning a different size, write to me at hartharthart@gmail.com