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Notable White Wall Customers

Notable White Wall Customers

Based in Cologne, Germany, The White Wall photo lab was established in 2007 as one of the first online laboratories. Our photo service has focused on gallery quality from the very beginning. Prints, photo print, framings and mountings are our speciality.

We are the exclusive supplier of LUMAS -the largest gallery for editions of contemporary photo art in Germany and Europa. We offer a range of different techniques for prints – including large formats. 


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Your Photo Behind Glossy Acrylic Glass: Gallery-Quality Mounting

Acrylic glass pictures with a solid aluminium Dibond backing are very sturdy. The timeless design of photos on glossy acrylic is suitable for presentations of any type and meets the highest professional requirements.

  1. Crystal clear acrylic glass

  2. Real photo print & permanently elastic silicone

  3. Sturdy aluminium Dibond backing

In combination with aluminium Dibond, a three-layer material, photos behind acrylic glass are particularly sturdy. Permanently elastic silicone is the ideal substance for sealing different materials to each other. It is flexible and intercepts material expansion due to temperature fluctuations. This guarantees lasting, bubble-free and crack-free mounting.


Video: How Your Photo Is Made

Video: Tips On Hanging Your Acrylic Print